What’s wrong with our generation?

Last week a Lady posted this statement on her WhatsApp status:

Well, our generation will make it right.

Immediately I saw the status I replied that I disagreed. My thought was that this lady will ask me for the reason behind my stance but she never did. Well, I will be explaining my reasons now.

Her words were a good one which every ear will be delighted to hear. But the fact that a word is good doesn’t actually mean it should be believed without questioning. Well, my dad had always told me things will get better since when I was a kid but till this day things are still the same. I am a believer of faith — my stance on faith can be found here. But faith by itself is like a car without two things — a driver and a fuel. Faith needs something to rely on and one of these things is a well structured plan. When I saw this lady WhatsApp status the first question that pops up in my mind is— where are the plans?

You see, in this modern world we don’t celebrate heroes anymore we celebrate nincompoops. I read a story of a 19 year old guy yesterday that was nominated as the most dressed on TikTok. This guy is now considered as a celebrity because one of his posts on TikTok where he dressed well went viral. How is hard work being celebrated? A 42 year old man that has been working on a genuine ideal for the past 20 years but hasn’t succeeded yet isn’t considered a success, yet a 17 year old guy that won a Jackpot last week is now being celebrated. What a society we live in — How will this generation make it right?

Ask any teenager or young person you know who their mentor or role model is — how many of them will mention Mahatma Gandhi? How many of them will tell you Myles Munroe? How many will say Abraham Lincoln? How many will say Helen Keller? How many will say Jim Rohn? How many will say the ancient Apostle Paul? How many will say the ancient guy Joseph that maintained a perfect character throughout his lifetime?

The reason today’s young people won’t mention all these people is because these people lived life. But most of today’s young people want to enjoy life. There is a key difference between living and enjoying life. When the creator of this world was on the adventure of creation he created the sun and the moon. Have you ever asked yourself why? It’s to separate the day from the night. But the ultimate why is because we won’t appreciate the day if there is no night and vice versa. The Summer and the Winter, Lightness and Darkness, Good and Bad. And this is exactly how God planned life to be lived. There will be a time when it’s seems you can’t figure it out and there will be a time when it seems you have all the answers. There will be a time to endure and there will be a time to enjoy. That’s why I believed God never created anyone to enjoy life but to live life. Because I believe the bad times prepares us for the good and vice versa. I learnt almost everything I know about life when it seems all hell wanted to break loose — but the fact is that they never did. Look up(I have a personal definition for this term which can be found here) and search through any history books there hasn’t been anyone (yet) that actually got the passion for life while being in a convenient situation or when they were enjoying life.

But the way the media is painting everything for us is that life is meant to be enjoyed. That’s why a young lady will prefer a 67 year old rich man to a 25 year old guy that is working hard to make ends meet. Our generation wants something that looks good, taste good and make them feel good. But because something feels good or looks good does not actually mean it is right. And these ladies with this kind of enjoy-life mindset will become a Mother someday — what will they teach their kids about life? How will this generation make it right? That’s why I do tell my male friends that the greatest gift they can give to their unborn child is a good Mother and I do tell any lady I am opportune to talk to that the greatest gift they can give their unborn child is a good father. Having good parents makes success becomes simple like writing letter “A” on a piece of paper.

The main reason I am writing this piece is because of an image I just saw and this is it:

Why will a lady say this?

Well you might say it is not all ladies(or people) that thinks this way. Well, I don’t know about other countries but the country (Nigeria) where I came from and where I have been living all my life I can assure you that there are just few exceptions — a little, just few. Why will a girl dropped out of school… if her reason was because she had a start up idea the way Elizabeth Holmes did I would have been glad but her reason was that she followed a man because this man is an acclaim celebrity in the county. And in this same country this girl is being celebrated. How will this generation make it right?

Most times when people complain to me about the Government my question to them is always — where do these Government came from? Where do these people we call the Government came from? Most times they don’t have an answer to my question but fortunately I have an answer. I do tell them that — these people we call the Government came from a Home they came from a specific Family. So I never blame the Government I blame the Home. God never created the Government, the only institution God created is the Human Family. In other words, if the Human Family could get it right the Government will get it right and the world at large will get it right. But the fact is that these people with the enjoy-life mindset will someday become a Mother and a Father. What kind of product will you expect them to produce? How will this generation make it right?

And all these Feminists keeps clamouring for Gender Equality. The world is now bigger than ever and anyone could fly irrespective of the Gender. But what is inhibiting everyone is that they have never be taught how to flap their wings. And those that have the wings don’t even know that they have one. We need to teach our young people how to think, we need to define what success actually mean to them.

We need young people that will say if success is about buying cars and flying jets then I don’t want to be successful but if success is about putting a smile on another man’s face or lighting another person’s candle then that’s all I want to be.

If we could get the definition of success right then I think our generation will make it right. And most people learn to define success from the home they came from.

Nations are built by people, and people are known by the Families they belong to —curled from an Indian movie titled Bharat



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